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Iranian singers shift to singles amid pandemic

April 27, 2020 01:26 PM
Photo: A poster for “Lover of the Flower” by Hushang Kamkar.

TEHRAN, 26 April
Iranian singers and musicians have shifted to producing single recordings due to the restrictions the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed on collective life.

Consequently, dozens of musicians have released singles for free on social networks over the past week.

One of the highlights of the recordings is “Lover of the Flower” by singers Amir-Nasser Ranjbar and Saba Kamkar, which has been composed by maestro Hushang Kamkar, who has dedicated the piece to doctors and medical staff.

“I dedicate this piece to those brave men and women of humanity who are willingly sacrificing their lives to save the people of their country, ” Kamkar wrote in a statement for the release of the song.

“I will stay at home to protect myself and the others from the new virus, ” he added.

Composer Mohammadreza Cheraghali has released “One Hundred Years of Solitude” based on the 1967 novel of the same title by Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez.

“Sang Sad” has been composed by Ehsan Beiraqdar, who dedicated the composition to Hamid Hamun, a character of Iranian new wave cinema filmmaker Dariush Mehrjui’s 1989 cult film “Hamun” played by Khosro Shakibai.

Lian bandleader Mohsen Sharifian with “Ley Lou”, composer Puya Sarai with “Pray” and pop singer Shahriar Seiqalani with “Repetitious” are also among the musicians.
- Tehran Times

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