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Iranian Academy of Arts to display treasure trove during home quarantine

April 24, 2020 12:07 PM
Photo: A painting by Mansur Qandriz, a pioneer of the Saqqakhaneh School.

TEHRAN, 24 April
The Iranian Academy of Arts plans to gradually place collections of priceless artworks from its treasury on view by way of online exhibitions to enrich people’s time during the home quarantine.

Each exhibition will run for one week. The first one has been dedicated to displaying 25 paintings from the pioneers of the Saqqakhaneh School, a neo-traditional style of art that began in the 1960s and derives inspiration from Iranian folk art and culture.

Paintings by Nasser Ovissi, Mansure Qandriz, Sadeq Tabrizi, Masud Arabshahi, Hossein Zenderudi and Faramarz Pilaram have been selected to be showcased at the exhibition.

The school takes its name from saqqakhaneh, a public drinking place located in the old districts of Iranian cities and Islamic holy sites. Saqqakhanehs are usually embellished with motifs representing people’s traditional beliefs and their enduring feelings about the religious sites.
- IRAN News

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