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CM has surrendered to BJP blackmail - Sukhbir Singh Badal

December 05, 2020 05:52 PM

(Says this is reason why he asked farmers to withdraw agitation and accept defeat)

Groa Times Service
Chandigarh Dec 5

Shiromani Akali Dal President Sukhbir Singh Badal said here today that the Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had already surrendered to the BJP blackmail on the farmers’ issue and “he is now resorting to brave and foul words merely to cover up his cowardice and panic.”
The former Deputy CM also “ridiculed” Amarinder’s latest effort at pulling out the “cross-border card” and linking it with farmers’ movement to scare the country.
“However, I must believe you on this. After all, you have direct daily access to ISI sources day and night. Who knows better than you of Pak presence on our soil, especially at elite and sensitive places? But for God’s sake, don’t tell us that Pakistan can stop democratic activity in the world’s largest democracy. This danger has always existed and our brave Generals and soldiers from Punjabi farmers’ families, have always dealt with it better that some part-time soldier –turned-politician can advise them, especially when that part-timer had spent his time only in back-stage clerical assignments.”
In a statement here, the former Deputy Chief minister of Punjab said that Amarinder had clearly been summoned to Delhi to be told to choose between facing the ED and betraying the farmers. The choice he made became clear with the first thing he said as soon as he came out of the meeting with Mr Amit Shah telling the farmers to end their agitation, citing dangers to national security from this peaceful movement, Mr Badal said.
The SAD leader said that everyone in Delhi knows what happened in that strange meeting held at the farmers’ back. “ Captain’s legs were shaking before his guest holding the ED card, and he succumbed to the blackmail on Farm Acts even without a fight. Instead of telling the Center to annul the Acts, he shocked the famers by telling them to withdraw agitation and accept defeat and go home. What does this prove?” asked Mr. Badal, adding that “the Punjab CM is now trying to cover up his cowardice and panic with fake brave words.”
Referring to Captain’s ‘shocking references to dangers to national security from the farmers’ movement’, Mr Badal said, “The brave Captain merely recited the script given to him by the BJP High Command. He sang it like a parrot, ” said Mr Badal in a hard-hitting statement here this afternoon

The SAD president said that Amarider’s cowardly surrender before ED and Amit Shah may surprise those who take his “hollow bluster and boastfulness” seriously. “The fact is that this surrender is nothing new and it is so total and shameless that even an ordinary Tehsil-level BJP worker in Punjab can simply barge into Captain’s official and personal bungalows and order him about to get routine things done, while senior Congress leaders and ministers dare not even breathe loudly within 500 yards of his house. Like all bullies, Amarinder is a coward at heart and only needs a bigger bully to expose this cowardice, ” said Mr Badal.

Mr Badal said Amarinder ‘has always been in the habit of foul-mouthing his opponents merely to hide how he cringes before those in power in Delhi. “He licks their feet in private and then comes out and issues statements full of foul and fake bravado. That is a regular pattern with him and by now, everyone is familiar with it. His patrons are okay with his false bluster as long as they keep getting out of him everything they at Punjab’s and Punjabis’ cost, ” said the SAD Chief.

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