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November 24, 2020 06:38 PM

Drivers urged to obey the Traffic Rules

Groa Times Service
Chandigarh, November 24

The Punjab Transport Department today issued an advisory to prevent road accidents during winter especially foggy weather.

Divulging the details, a spokesperson of the department said that accidents increase on the roads due to fog in the winter season causing loss of life and property. Keeping the forth coming season in view the general public is requested to check the weather forecast before driving in fog to prevent accidents and then go on journey. "Drivers should keep their vehicles in good condition and other parts like head lights, tail lights, fog lights, indicators and reflectors, breaks, tyres, wind screen wipers, battery and car heating system should be in working condition", he added. He said that in case of fog warning, delay travelling till the weather clears.

Besides, keep the vehicles on low beam because high beam is not effective during mist. He said that while driving in fog use fog lights, drive in controlled speed and maintain proper distance between vehicles and also keep in mind the white strips marked on the roads for guidance. Roll down the windows of the vehicle till the appropriate point for ensuring safe driving through hearing if unable to see in the dense fog. In case of an emergency, if the vehicle has to be stopped on the way then park the vehicle safely down the road. Do not overtake and change the lane unnecessarily while driving in the fog and avoid parking your vehicle on busy roads, he appealed.

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