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SAD asks CM to come out with fool proof legislation to secure rights of Punjabis

October 18, 2020 07:34 PM

(Says Pbis want definite action which stands legal scrutiny and satisfies farmers, khet mazdoor and arhatiyas)

(Sharanjit Dhillon and Bikram Majithia say CM listens to Delhi and not Sonia and no legislation will take place till such time CM does not talk on hot line with Delhi)

Groa Times Service
Chandigarh, October 18
The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today asked chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh to come out with fool proof legislation ensuring the rights of the farmers of Punjab were secured in perpetuity failing which he would be held personally responsible for failing Punjabis and destroying their future generations.

In a statement here, the SAD legislature wing said “Punjabis want definite action which stands legal scrutiny and satisfies farmers, khet mazdoor and arhatiyas. If you (Capt Amarinder) fail to do this then you will be labeled as a traitor”.

SAD legislature party leader Sharanjit Singh Dhillon and Bikram Singh Majithia said the chief minister was known for backstabbing Punjabis and there were already apprehensions that he was hand in glove with the Modi government and had purposely not taken all stake holders into confidence so that no effective step was taken to stymie the implementation of the central Agricultural marketing laws in Punjab. “This ultra-secret approach and the unwillingness to prepare legislation in conjunction with farm organizations and political parties indicate that the Congress government is playing to the tunes of the centre and is ready to betray Punjabis. It is increasingly becoming clear that the chief minister does not listen to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and that he will move legislation as per directions given to him via the hotline with the central government”.

The SAD leaders said the chief minister had strengthened this perception by his repeated flip flops on calling a special assembly session and even claiming nothing could be done by the State to negate the Agri laws. “Now he has decided to present a proposed legislation without taking all stake holders as well as political parties into confidence. In case the Congress government comes out with a wishy–washy resolution or legislation which does not prevent implementation of the black laws in Punjab, then the chief minister should be ready to face the wrath of Punjabis who will not stomach this betrayal”.

Asserting that it appeared that the chief minister was only going through the motions of a protest, the SAD leaders said it was shocking that despite the fact that the entire State wanted a united fight against the Agri laws the chief minister had not deigned it fit to inform Punjabis as to what his government proposed to do to safeguard their interests. “He has however admitted today that he knew more than one year back the black Agri laws were in the offing. This has only weakened Punjab’s case and is a betrayal of the trust reposed in the chief minister by the people of the State”, they added.

Stating that this was not the first time Capt Amarinder Singh had betrayed Punjabis, Mr Sharanjit Dhillon and Mr Bikram Majithia said earlier also the chief minister had deceived farmers by promising a complete loan waiver, a government job and Rs 10 lakh compensation to all farm suicide victim families, ‘ghar ghar naukari’, unemployment allowance of Rs 2, 500 per month and a slew of social welfare measures. “Capt Amarinder Singh even took a holy oath in the name of the holy Gutka Sahib and the Dasam Pitah to fulfill all the promises made to the people of Punjab but reneged on all of them except for one – amending the Agriculture Produce Markets Act to usher in private ‘mandis’ into the State”.

Warning the chief minister not to barter away the interests of Punjab like he did when he bulldozed the river waters termination Act through assembly in 2004 without due discussion which allowed free flow of water to Haryana, the Akali leaders said the chief minister would be held responsible if his government did not succeed in safeguarding the interests of the State’s peasantry through appropriate legislation tomorrow. ‘You (Capt Amarinder Singh) have cheated Punjabis several times already. They are not ready to be cheated again. Punjabis want definite action which will secure their future and will not settle for any duplicitous action which is only aimed at securing your chair”.

Mr Dhillon and Mr Majithia also demanded that the two private member Bills moved by the SAD calling for making the entire State one ‘mandi’ besides reversing the amendments made in the Agriculture Produce Markets Act in 2017 be taken up for legislation at the special session tomorrow besides other steps needed to safeguard the interests of Punjab and Punjabis.

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