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Amarinder trying to foment a divide between the people and farmers of Punjab over electricity – Bhagwant Mann

October 11, 2020 06:10 PM

- The fight is not about electricity but about survival – Mann

- Both, Badals and Captain, hands in glove in passing the farm laws – Mann

- AAP to protest at Jantar Mantar tomorrow (12 October 2020)

Bharat Bhushan Azad
Muktsar, 11 October 2020

Aam Aadmi President and Member of Parliament (MP) Bhagwant Mann convened a Mega Gram Sabha and Kisan Jagrukta sabha here today. Slapping Sukhbir Badal and Amarinder Singh, Mann said that both these parties were responsible for these black laws to be passed in the parliament and that they both are involved in looting this state and forcing the farmer of Punjab to go hungry.

Attacking Amarinder Singh on the issue of shortage of coal for the thermal plants, Bhagwant Mann said that instead of appealing to the farmers to stop their rail roko andolan and let commodities like coal enter Punjab, Amarinder Singh should appeal to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak to the farmers of Punjab and revoke these laws. He further added that the people of Punjab know how to live without electricity, they will live with candles and lanters, but the fight is not about electricity or coal, the fight is about survival, the fight is about ensuring that farmers of Punjab do not go hungry because they are not getting a fair price.

Commenting on the intentions of the Chief Minister, Mann said that the Chief Minister should have already known that such a situation would arise, if he didn’t then that means that he either did not take the farmer agitation seriously or he has some other intentions. Adding further Mann said that Amarinder Singh is trying to sabotage the farmer protests by widening the divide between the farmers and the people of Punjab on the issue of electricity.

Mann further said that Amarinder Singh should stop playing such dirty politics with the people of Punjab and if he really cared about the farmers then he would take the farmers along to go meet the Prime Minister. If he cannot do this then he needs to be ready as this struggle would go on for long.

Slinging equal blame on Sukhbir Badal, Mann said that both Badal and Captain knew about these bills and the impact it would have, but chose to hide it from the farmers. Captain said that he would take an all-party delegation to meet the Prime Minister, a promise that is still unfulfilled.

Emphasising on the importance and power of gram sabhas, he appealed to all the sarpanches to call a gram sabha in their village and pass a resolution against these farm laws as this was now the only way to pressurise the central government to revoke these laws.

Ending his sabha, Bhagwant Mann appealed to everyone present to go with him to Delhi tomorrow (12th October) and protest at Jantar Mantar against the central government and the farm laws.

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