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About us

The Groa Times website is dedicated to the Punjabi community living around the world. It strives to present news reports, articles, photos and videos with a sense of responsibility and impartiality. Communal hatred and pornography will have no space for our website content. The strengthening of democracy and justice, giving voice to the issues concerning people, and their exploring their solutions through people and the editorial column, will always be a priority for us. Your support and contribution will always be needed to strengthen each of our reader's experience.


Surinder Singh Groa

The Managing Director and the editor-in-chief of the Groa Times Website, retired on January 31, 2018 as the Senior Chief Sub-Editor on January 31, 2018, in the editorial staff of The Punjabi Tribune newspaper. He then served as a news editor for six months in the Daily Spokesman newspaper. During his working tenure, many articles were published. He is proud to have served as the in-charge of the youth forum platform, during the 2006-09 term of the Punjabi Tribune editor Damdami Sidhu, under which we brought together the younger community, especially the students, from the state of Punjab(India), to share their personal experiences in a weekly column. According to the official letter given by the then editor Damdami Sidhu Ji: Mr. Groa gave the youth forum his personal time and turned it into a platform for the youth in Punjab.